Wednesday, November 23, 2016

1400's Ships

           I needed to introduce my new unit on European explorers.   Student illustrations of these sailing ships  seemed like a good idea.   I printed up a worksheet with the following instructions.
Draw and color an illustration of a sailing ship used in the 1400's when sailors crossed the ocean.

      I love how hard my 5th graders worked on their illustrations of these wonderful ships. By having the students draw their own illustration instead of just coloring a picture, they are able grasp the image of caravel, a small highly maneuverable sailing ship developed in the 1500's by the Portuguese.  This will be a great springboard in learning about such explorers as Columbus, Hudson, Cortes, Ponce deLeon, Cartier, and John Cabot.

    My kids always enjoy learning about European explorers and the stories of their lives.  I bring out all the explorer books from the school library and the classroom library.  

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  1. You've got some great little artists in your class. Very nice!