Sunday, April 29, 2018

Desert Southwest Pueblo

        Desert Southwest Pueblo
     While working on the unit on Native Americans, I always have my students build their own pueblo in class.  This is a cooperative project for my students. The native people had to work together in order to survive in the hot dry desert region.  So we work together to construct ours. 

      The students decide if they want to make a ladder, a room, or a kiva.  All the parts are made at home and then brought to school. You can see the variety of student work. I try to emphasize that this  is a student, not a parent, project.


    The pieces are  hot glued to the base and background. We try to alternate the size, shape and orientation of the boxes to achieve a more realistic appearance.

    These pictures were take in Arizona of an ancient Native American ruin.  



We are trying to represent the different levels of the pueblo.

 Ladders were added after all the boxes were glued together.  Pebbles were also glued on to add detail.

 Then my students attached very small people to the pueblo.

       You can even see some dried grass "plants" growing on the top.

     My 5th graders were very proud of the pueblo diorama they had built cooperatively in school.

       Three classes worked together, during their own class period.  They realized that no one person in a desert southwest Indian tribe could have constructed the massive structure by themselves. 

    I know I could have assigned this as a at home project.  The children would have brought in magnificent, elaborate projects, many of which were made by well meaning parents.  I like to have my kids realize that they, 5th graders,  can do wonderful things by themselves. 

    I hope this project gives  other teachers an incentive to try a pueblo project.

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