Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Who am I? Explorers Flip Chart

  Flip Charts!

       If you know me, I LOVE to make  flip charts with my 5th graders!
As a study guide for the chapter on early exploration, we made this flip chart.
On each outer flap the students wrote "Who Am I?"  Then they wrote several 
"I  statements" to give clues to the explorer's name.  You can see that my kiddos use their notes to make sure their information is correct.

         This sample is the basic layout of the explorers' flip chart. I try to explain to the students that each statement must be specific to each person.

           The pictures of the explorers are from a set of reading comprehension sheets we used to study Christopher Columbus, Ponce deLeon, John Cabot, Hernando Cortes, Jacques Cartier, and Henry Hudson.  The pictures can be colored. By coloring the illustrations the students spent more time on each explorer and hopefully learn more in the process.

       After the flip charts are completed, the students "share or trade"  their flip chart with another student in class. Each student reads the  "Who am I?" questions and tells who the explorer is.  This can  also be used as a whole class activity where each student comes to the from of the room to place their flip chart under the projector for everyone to view at the same time. Students can then raise their hand if they know the correct answer. Some students like to try and stump their peers with difficult questions. 

        Today I linked up with Forever in Fifth Grade for the October Show and Tell Tuesday.  Check out what she has in store for Halloween this year!


       Please send me a comment if you use flip charts or these are of any help for your students.

       Enjoy the beautiful Fall weather with your family today! 



  1. I love the flip chart idea! I've actually never used them. They're so versatile. Your foliage appears much more colorful than ours! I'm in Connecticut, and the colors have been pretty underwhelming.
    Laughter and Consistency

  2. I put out flip charts- simple fold then top cover cut into thirds- and we use them to draw and label... an insect on the front cover, then head, thorax, abdomen under the flaps... we've done it with many three part things. It is another way they learn to label. I'm thinking we could do it with flowers right now as we study seeds- bud, stem/leaves, roots- thanks for the reminder! See you around. Kathleen

  3. I love flip charts and any manner of interactive notebook foldable! This one you made is a great way for students to study! I may have to try the same concept with some ELA concepts! Thanks!