Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Who am I? Explorers Flip Chart

        If you know me, I LOVE to make  flip charts with my 5th graders!
As a study guide for the chapter on early exploration, we made this flip chart.
On each outer flap the students wrote "Who Am I?"  Then they wrote several 
"I  statements" to give clues to the explorer's name.  You can see that my kiddos use their notes to make sure their information is correct.

         This sample is the basic layout of the explorers' flip chart.

    The pictures of the explorers are from a set of reading comprehension sheets we used to study Christopher Columbus, Ponce deLeon, John Cabot, Hernando Cortes, Jacques Cartier, and Henry Hudson.

     Please send me a comment if you use flip charts or these are of any help for your students.

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