Sunday, February 11, 2018

New England Colonies Map Flip Chart

      Map Flip Chart

         To wrap up our study of the New England Colonies, I thought I would do a flip chart in the form of a map.  As I have said before, my 5th graders really enjoy making and using flip charts as a review in my Social Studies classes.  

     This is the base sheet for the flip chart.  I indicated where the glue should be applied when the tabs are ready to be added.  The second sheet below, has the individual colonies with the dotted lines the form the flaps.

  The kids colored the the colonies before they cut out each piece.

       Finally,  the colony pieces were glued into place.
Under each colony flap, the students wrote important information such as founder, reason for founding, date, and names of settlements.  
      As you can see, students were able to use their book and notes to collect the correct information. Rhode Island is a very small space, so many students wrote their information in the area surrounding the little flap.  The flip chart will be clipped into the students'  Social Studies dou-tang for review for the assessment.

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  1. I LOVE this activity - especially since it has Massachusetts, and that's where we live! In third grade, we're studying the Road to the Revolution and 13 colonies. Great idea to share!

  2. Is there a link that we can download your copy?