Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Baby Hummingbirds

Baby Hummingbirds

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I spent a couple of weeks in Arizona in April. The palm tree in my daughter's front yard was the perfect place for this hummingbird to made her nest. The nest is only about two inches in diameter. She lined the nest with her softest feathers for the two little eggs. They look large in this picture, but remember that the inside of the nest is only about an inch and a half across.

   The eggs began to hatch on Saturday before Easter.  You can see the egg being cracked. This was so exciting. 

The baby chick was so very tiny.

      I had to be very careful because I  did not want the mother bird to get upset with me taking close up pictures with my phone. 

     Both eggs hatched and the two chicks were constantly tended by the mother bird.

     Day by day the baby birds grew quickly.

         It was so much fun to go out each day to check on the chicks, an unbelievable teaching moment.  My granddaughter had as much fun as I did.  Every morning she would say, " See hummingbirds!"  It was very difficult, but  I had to come home to Michigan. 
         I'm sure the mother bird will take very good care of her chicks without me checking on them every day.  They will soon fly off to check out all the flowering bushes in Arizona.

         Happy Spring!

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