Saturday, May 19, 2018

Animal Bed Tins

                Left over felt and mint tins are a good combination for a little summer project.  In a few weeks our family will be getting together for a week long summer vacation.  I told my nieces that we would do some craft projects.  I thought that these might be a good jumping off place to get us started. Some years have been so very nice Up North in Michigan, but some have been cold and rainy.  You have to prepare for both.
       So, I made these little animals that the kids could play with. Possibly the older girls might make more for themselves. Basically, an egg or oval shape for the body and some small scraps of felt for the arms, legs, and ears.

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I gave this penguin a fish.

          I started out sewing them by hand.  The little brown bear is hand sewn,  All the others are mostly done on my sewing machine. 
       Here they are tucked into their little beds. They each have a tiny pillow, sheet, and blanket made from felt scraps.


Brown Bear

Wise Old Owl

Of course the bunny needed a carrot!

   My nieces and nephews enjoyed playing with their new little friends. Tucking them into bed each night was a great way to end a busy day while on vacation.

 I saw this idea, Bedtime and Picnic Playset  on

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  1. This sounds like a fun activity for your students.

  2. These animals are so cute! I have a four year old and I know he'd love to make the characters of "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" with these!- Very creative!
    Fairway to Fourth Grade

  3. These are just adorable! Thank you for linking up:)

  4. You are so crafty! I love these!

  5. These are adorable! I love them! 😃