Friday, May 19, 2017

Skype Field Trip- Boston Tea Party

           As part of the 5th grade curriculum we study the events that lead up to the American RevolutionWe wanted to take our classes to Boston for the day.  The Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum was the perfect place to go.  Of course living in Michigan, the cost would be prohibitive to take all 91 students to Boston for a field trip.  A skype field trip with Boston Tea Party and Ships Museum would be a perfect choice.
        All of our 5th graders dressed in colonial outfits in order to feel like they were part of the Tea Party. Students got a chance to interact with the historians in Boston. Each student played the part of a historical person who took part in the town meeting at the Old South Meeting House on December 16, 1773.

Two of the Sons of Liberty

    As you can see, the students could individually talk to the presenter in Boston while the rest of the class could watch on the large screen. The museum sent us scripts for the students. This young man is holding his script.  In this way, when the historical person is called on to speak at the "meeting in Boston" each student responds as the person in history would have responded.
           Some students dressed in a more casual style of the typical colonial man, while others chose a outfit to represent a wealthier Bostonian citizen. As you can see in the following pictures, all citizens of Boston were represented. 
        Of course, there had to be refreshments.  All of our colonists drank tea and eat short bread cookies.

 Gentlemen from Boston gathered to discuss the events that took place in Boston.

         A large group of colonists, ladies and gentlemen, gathered under the Liberty Tree after the skype.

The Sons of Liberty were very excited that day, planning to dump the tea into Boston Harbor.  Huzzah!

    Do you have your students wear costumes on a special day?
   Do you have any skype field trips with your class or school?

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