Monday, June 27, 2016

Animal Bookmarks

         I saw a cute idea for a bookmark. GoNoodle had these free bookmarks sent in an email.

 I traced the pattern shape and printed them for my students.   Of course I knew my 5th grade kiddos could  make these their own in no time. 
       I put out a variety of colored construction paper, foam shapes, and the pattern. A few simple instructions and my amazing kids did the rest.

           As soon as we they were finished, these generous children decided that they would give their bookmarks to our 1st grade Buddies.  My students quickly scampered down the hall to the 1st grade room and found their buddies.  They were a big hit!

       A cute easy project is always a nice thing to have in your back pocket, especially for our friends, the substitute teachers.


      This could be a fun project to go with your summer reading program. The little bookmarks could be designed to go along with a favorite or current book this summer. 
    Enjoy the  beautiful summer weather.

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