Saturday, March 3, 2018

Sight Word Memory Game

         St. Patrick's Day
  Matching Game 
       My teacher cupboards have various and sundry items that have been collected over the years.  (Side Note:  I always stop at the clearance section when I go shopping. You never know what you might find.)

        Several years ago I found St. Patrick's Day paper coasters that were so very cheap. I couldn't resist.  As what usually happens, I put the items away until I get an inspiration.  

     The other day the light bulb turned on.  My 5th graders with "beautiful 
1st grade printing" could use these coasters into a Sight Word Memory Game for the 1st graders.  I asked my friends who teach 1st which words they would like us to work on. You can see the list of words. So my students got to work. 

 As you can see, this became a floor project.

This is a small part of the first game.

        I delivered the first set of words to the 1st grade.  After school I was surprised and pleased to see that the memory game was being played in an after school tutoring session between an 8th grader and 1st grader.   
Students helping out other students. 
That's what it's all about!

Thank you girls for for helpful attitude and beautiful work! Your team work was awesome!

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