Thursday, April 12, 2018

Clothespin Crucifix for Easter

Clothespin Crucifix

My 5th graders worked on their clothespin Crucifix on Monday of Holy Week.
You begin with 8 wooden clip clothespins.

    The you need to separate the metal spring from the wooden pieces.  If you twist the two pieces the spring comes away easier and hopefully does not fly across the room. Now there are 16 pieces.  I tell the kids to place 6 of  the pieces aside.

Now take ten of the wooden pieces and group them in twos.  Glue these pairs together side by side. Make sure you have a large piece of wax paper to work on so the cross will not stick to your work surface.

These will become the cross.  Glue three pairs together to form the base of the cross. Elmer's glue works fine.  After the glue is slightly dried I have the students write their name and the date on the flat side of one of the pairs. This pair will be placed flat side down so their name will appear on the back of the crucifix.

Next place two crayons next to the cross.  These will support the arms of the cross.

Now glue the remaining two pairs to the cross.

You should have six separate wooden pieces left.  Now you will construct the body, arms, and legs of Christ on the Cross.

       This is a very wonderful activity for Holy Week.  My students come back when they are older and say that they still have their Crucifix that they made in 5th grade.
         I hope this post will help others to celebrate Easter in the best way possible.
May your Lenten season be meaningful to you.

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