Thursday, March 8, 2018

Holy Week Cube

          Holy Week

     The Felician Sisters helped start St. Michael Catholic School more than 75 years ago.  I am pleased to say that I  have taught at St. Mikes for 25 years and worked with these wonderful dedicated women. 
           When I first started teaching, two wonderful Felician sisters, Sister Helen and Sister Therese, directed  Religious Education for the school and parish.  They taught workshops for the teachers after school so we could receive our religious certification. I was given many handouts to use in my classes during these workshops.
               This Holy Week cube is a wonderful visual reminder for my students as they journey into the Holiest Week for Christians. 

   The six sided cube has line drawings of the crucified Christ, dice, wheat, bread, coins, and palms to signify important aspects of Holy Week.  Once colored and cut out,  it is folded and glued together to form a cube.

       Here are some samples of my student's cubes this year.


         I do hope that someone will be able to use this Holy Week Cube with their students. I know that sisters Helen and Therese would be so pleased that their 
workshop handout was being used with a new generation of Catholic children during Holy Week to remember the Passion.

     Remember the true meaning of Easter.


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