Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Knitted Bunny

              Knit Bunny

    I was browsing Pinterest the other day when I ran across a post that gave free instructions on how to made a cute little  bunny from a knitted square.  I was so intrigued that I had to try my hand at this simple project.
     I want to give credit to 

     She called it "One Square Stuffed Bunny" knitting pattern.  And it was Free! 
 Thank you Gina Michele!

        To begin, I used size 10 needles and cast on 24 stitches.  ( The pattern said to use size 13, but the largest I had were size 10) Knit one row and pearl the next row. Continue the pattern until you have a knitted a square. ( Gina Michele wrote instructions to cast on 24stitches and knit 24 rows. ) Please go to her blog because her instruction are much better than mine.

       Using a yarn needle baste a line across the middle of the piece and then up to the top and back to where you began.  You should have a triangle that looks something like this. I used a contrasting color so it would stand out in the picture.  You can use the same color yarn so it doesn't show in the finished bunny.

   When you begin to pull the ends of the yarn the bunny's ears and head will take shape. This is the view from the back of the bunny.  Before I stuffed the head, I added the eyes and nose. He looks a little sleepy!  ( It was easier for me than sewing it after the bunny was completed.)

       The bunny is beginning to take shape and getting a personality. Stuff the head.  Pull the basted yarn tight and stitch the back of the head and down the back.

      After the back is stitched, stuff the body. Now run another basting stitch around the bottom of the body.  You may have to add more stuffing as needed.
Pull the basting stitch to tighten up the bottom to close the body. Make a knot to ensure the stuffing is enclosed.


      This little guy needed a cotton tail.  I used a white pom pom which was stitched to the backside of the bunny.  You could make your own pom pom if you are so inclined.

    Here is a great and quick little knitting project that is fun to make and just as much fun to give away to a child this spring or in an Easter basket.  I hope you enjoy making these bunnies as much as I did.

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It is never to early to Think Spring!

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  1. So cute, Beti! Pin! Thanks for sharing today. Kathleen