Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Easter Basket Envelope

A simple business size envelope can easily become an Easter Basket envelope for your kids to make.

        I started with a standard business size envelope because local businesses had donated their old, out dated envelopes to our school.  Why buy new when you can reuse?  As you can see, I drew a dashed line about 3 inches from the left hand side of the envelope.  In this way the printed return address can be cut off  and discarded.

      That section was cut off. 

         Then I found the center of the remaining envelope and cut the flap into a triangle.

         A triangular section was cut out of the middle of the flap to create a handle for the basket.

          Finally, the left side of the envelope  is glued.  Now the decorating begins. As you can see, these were given to our 1st grade buddies.  So names were written on the front or back of the envelope to ensure delivery. As you can see we tucked our Easter cards into the completed envelope Easter baskets.

           A very easy  project for 5th graders to work on. If you are making these with younger children, an adult might have to do the cutting and gluing ahead of time to get the size correct. Then, have the kids do the decorating.
          These could also be used as place cards for your Easter dinner table. You might even fill each with a little Easter grass. Grandma and aunts will be impressed with their personalized name cards.  Let your children be creative and help decorate.

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