Friday, February 9, 2018

Bottle Cap Bunnies, etc.

Bottle Cap Bunnies  and Chicks make 
      you want Spring to come quickly!          

            I like to use recycled items and up-cycle them into something else.  This week my 5th grade students made Easter goody bags for our 1st grade buddies.  Our school Green Team had collected thousands of colorful plastic bottle caps.  These would be a perfect jumping off point for an Easter project.

           In my classroom stash of craft supplies, we found a variety of colorful foam shapes. Coordinating colors! Yes!

     I drew a basic shape of a bunny and a chick on the board and let my artistic students go.  All I have to do is point them in the right direction. 
    All sorts of Bunnies appeared.

         A blue bunny received a yellow pom pom nose.
 This pink cap had a label which was removed.  Some of paper remained and looked very cute as white bunny cheeks.

     I always a student who goes that extra step.  Here an extra cap along with more pink foam was added with hot glue to make a body to go with the large pink ears.

      Chicks were very popular, too. 

                    This little guy has these cute orange feet.

 And you never know what shows up.

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      Our 1st grade buddies, enjoyed their goody bags which contained a book, a pencil, and this little bottle cap bunny, chick, or other animal. The cracked egg cards and envelope Baskets were also in the package. You can find these in a previous post.;postID=7441001858555575102;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=3;src=link
   Wishing everyone a Happy Easter!

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