Thursday, March 15, 2018

Color Matching Game

   Color Matching       
  Learning colors is a skill every child needs before they begin school.   Here is a very simple little game to make for your little one. Nothing fancy, but it works.

      I went to the paint section of my local home improvement store to get paint chips.  There I looked for primary colors. Two of each, red, orangeyellow, green, blue, purple, pink, black , and brown were  the colors I choose.  The colors in the piture don't show up as they are to the eye.     ( You might want to get  sets of 3 or 4. Then if one gets lost there is no problem).

      These paint chips were were trimmed down to fit into a small tin box. Altoids come in these great little tins.  They are the perfect size for little hands.  Mom can slip these into her purse or diaper bag for a quiet activity when needed. 

     With the left over trimmings, I made a rainbow arrangement of colors on the lid of the tin.  This will help all the colors get returned to their little tin when not in use. 

      An 18 to 24  month old can match the colors to begin with.  The names of the colors will also be mastered with this simple game. The color chips can also be used to match other objects such as pom pons, crayons, clothing, toys, etc.

     The great thing is that the whole thing is free and can be replaced at any time. 

Enjoy every moment with your young child.  They grow up so very fast!

     Today I have linked up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for the Five For Friday Linky.  Lots of great ideas are out there.  So hop on over and take a look.

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