Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Bunnies and Eggs

Paint Chip Bunnies

      In Spring I need to engage my students in thinking about our Easter service project.  My students make and fill  Easter baskets for a local food pantry.  Here are some of my students with the Easter baskets that they have stuffed full of candy, toys, books, school supplies, and of course a stuffed animal.

      The baskets all need to have a tag.  The tags identify if the baskets is made for a "Little boy" , "Little girl",  Older boy", or "Older girl".  I went to the paint department of local stores to collect paint swatches to make these tags. Large tags were used for the bunnies and small swatches became the eggs. Bunny and egg templates were made from tag board for the students to trace before cutting.

         This young man is working on cutting out a bunny shape the he traced on the yellow paint swatch. You can see a completed purple bunny along with a pile of egg shapes on his desk. He has been very busy.

    A large pile of eggs has been finished by this young lady.

   One more purple bunny is coming soon.

            These paint swatches have such wonderful colors.  My students are very diligent when cutting out the eggs and bunnies.  I am so very proud of my 5th graders because they are kind and generous. They enjoy making things to give to others.

Think Spring!

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